Ep. 022 Mikaila Cameron: Psychology to Eastern Medicine

Bonus Video!

Mikaila Cameron, L.Ac., OTR/L, MSTOM

Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Acupuncture. Getting what you need in a non-violent way. Simple Attention. Sensory Integration Therapy. Chinese Eastern Medicine. - a deep, ancient 5,000 year old medicine. Near death experiences. The husband and wife block. Lymphatic Drainage. Fluoride, pineal gland and DMT. Herbs from Japan are the highest quality. Cupping. Take time to heal or the healing will take time.

Wellness Tip

Go to bed before 11pm letting “Gallbladder time” do it’s thing to feel better.

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MoxibustionBrian Bender

The husband and wife block

Contact information

Mikaila Cameron, L.Ac., OTR/L, MSTOM Licensed Acupuncturist/Herbalist, Occupational Therapist Better Health and Wellness Center 12455 Poway Road, Suite G Poway, CA  92064 www.gentleacuwellness.comgentleacuwellness@gmail.com