Ep. 036 Celine Remy: Sexual Energy - Free It To Fill Your Life With Joy

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Céline Remy

is an educator, coach, pleasure advocate. She says the way we do sex is the way we do life. Celine has helped thousands of men and women be in their heart and channel their sexual energy to achieve success in all areas of their life - so pleasure became the guide to creating a life they love. Click here on www.PowerAndMastery.com to get your free copy of “Mistakes You Could Be Making that are Destroying Your Stamina.”

Notable quotes

Start the New Year Speaking Love. Common sense is not always in common practice. Better sex = Deeper relationships. Intimacy (into-me-see). Release the full power and intelligence of your 3 minds: head, heart and sex. Decide. Energize. Strategize. When all three are aligned, you are unstoppable.

Wellness Tip

Give yourself permission to just feel pleasure - and that it’s okay to be in your own pleasure.

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www.PowerAndMastery.com for men Tao Garden ThailandThe Sexual Practices of Quodoushka

Nonviolent Communication

Contact information

Celine Remy P.O Box 3165 Vista, CA 92085 Celine@CelineRemy.comwww.CelineRemy.com

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