Ep. 067 Catharina Jansma: Theragem Crystal Light Therapy

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Catharina Jansma

was raised with an open vision to the multitude of possibilities life can offer, Catharina started her working career as an international fashion model, while at the same time studying astrology, numerology and nutrition in her spare time. By her early 30’s Catharina started to focus on the grounding, heart opening shamanistic traditions of Central & South America: the energetic cleansing of body, mind and soul. All the while training passionately to become skilful in Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Gong for which she was won an award at an International competition. Traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and massage followed their way into her practice in which she guided her clients with warmth, respect and humor to a healthy, fun loving way of life. She is an accredited Assemblage Point practitioner and teacher and this has increasingly found its way into her work with Theragem as a tool to help people begin the healing process. It is through her fusion of so many different modalities and a sound understanding of the Theragem™ technology that she presently leads Medica Health International offering a non invasive approach to wellness and healing on our different planes of existence, physical, emotional mental and spiritual in a changing world.

Mike Broadwell

is the US based trainer for the Theragem Fusion Light Therapy device. He's been involved in promoting holistic health and energy based modalities for the past 10 years. He created and ran the Living Energy Secrets teleseminar series, the Back Hope summit, and Living Energy Workshops. Visit his website at http://MikeBroadwell.com

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Catharina Jansma CEO/Owner of Medica Health International Lancashire House, The Sidings Business Park Whalley, Lancashire, BB7 9SE, UK. Medical Health International Fusion Light Therapy

Living Energy Day +44 (0) 1254 245013 catharinaj@medicahealth.orgMike Broadwell

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