Ep. 015 Diane Kusunose: What Blocks Your Body From Healing

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Diane Kusunose

Traditional physical therapist who turned to natural medicines, remedies, homeopathy and cold lasers for healing. Trained with Shelley McQuerter and Learn Homeopathy Now. Magnetic Frequencies of the Earth. Zyto Pro Biofeedback technology created by Dr. Reinhard Voll. Muscle testing. Case study: Sugar Stressed Muscle Builder. Sugar and grains create rotting tissue. The 21 day purification Program. Book: One Degree of Change: re-learning how to eat. Back and neck pain. Calcium deficiency. Calcium rarely gets from the bloodstream to the tissues. Needing to supplement especially when you’re repairing your body. Loving to see people change color, statute and purpose.

Wellness Tip

Get your food basics back into your body.

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Shelley McQuerter and Learn Homeopathy Now WellnessPro

iMRS2000 Electromagnetic Frequencies of the earth Zyto Biocommunication Technology created by Dr. Reinhard Voll Book: One Degree of Change

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Diane Kusunose Insights for Natural Balance Carlsbad, CA 760-420-5210 http://www.naturalbalancing.com/