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Angie Ates - Clark
Is an internationally recognized speaker on the “Business of Integrative Functional Health,” helping practitioners attain multiple 6 figure incomes while living their purpose.

She specifically helps those in the Healing Arts who integrate holistic disciplines with Passion, Purpose and Profit- The Trilogy Model of a successful Integrative Practitioner.

Prior to launching the Institute of Holistic Integrative Studies, Angie spent over 20 years in Corporate Executive Leadership. Known for her talent scouting and succession planning strategies, she led multiple teams with over $40 million in annual revenue.

At the top of her career and providing for her 3 amazing children, she was diagnosed with several debilitating auto-immune disorders. Intuitively knowing there was more to life, she created a pivot to heal herself and obtained extensive certifications of Board Certified Traditional Naturopath, Board Certified Complementary Alternative Healthcare Practitioner; ultimately launching successful 6 figure health clinics, which served over 5000 clients.

Recognizing a glaring gap in the distance learning arena for natural health professionals, she hand selected over 20 professional experts to share their clinical genius in an all-inclusive and comprehensive Practitioner Academy. Using the S.A.N.E. approach of creating Integrative Functional wellness plans, she has trained over 10,000 professionals.

Behind the scenes she realized that Clinicians lacked the entrepreneurial skills needed for a sustainable practice. Leveraging her Corporate Executive Leadership experience she created the Business Academy, where burnt-out is not an option and professionals become satisfied and profitable again with their profession.

Intrigued with Energy Medicine and how remarkable it was in healing her autoimmune diseases, she leveled up again and immersed herself in Shamanism. After earning her Full Mesa Shaman, Angie unlocked a Clinical Shaman program. This uncensored healing model gets to the root energetic problem and accelerates client results.

She has shared stages with Les Brown- Fight For Your Dreams Tour, Sharla Brown- International Fearless Women Summits, and Dr. Lee Cowden- Lyme Disease Protocols, to just name a few.

She now serves as an Intuitive Business Strategist as she incorporates over 30 years of well respected and expansive experience.

When Angie is not leading the Institute of Holistic Integrative Studies, you will find her co-hosting Alternative Health Tools podcast, speaking on Dr.Summits, customizing medical education webinars for various organizations, or in one of the over 200 integrative healthcare training videos.

Through her Signature “Clinical Mastery” Mentorship, she is known for “shaking up the status quo” and inspiring people to take action quickly, helping them achieve unprecedented results.

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